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Hypatia Capital seeks $100 mln for Fund I
Hypatia Capital has kicked off fundraising for its debut private equity fund that will focus on backing women leaders. 
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Hypatia Targets $100M for Debut Fund to Sponsor Women Chief Executives
Hypatia Capital Group is seeking $100 million in fresh capital for its debut private equity fund to back women in chief executive officer roles.
The New York boutique investment bank filed an offering this week for its new fund, Hypatia Capital Partners I LP.  
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Hypatia Gears Up for Debut Fund to Back Women Executives in C-Suite
New York boutique investment bank Hypatia Capital gearing up to raise a debut private equity fund with an initial target of up to $100 million, with an eye on deals that will enable more
women to rise to C-­suite positions.
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Latina Leaders: investment banker helps other women become entrepreneurs

Patricia Lizarraga is not only a successful businesswoman, she helps other women become successful entrepreneurs. The Yale and Harvard Business School graduate has more than 20 years of merchant banking experience and is also a founder of several successful companies. Currently she is managing partner of Hypatia Capital Group, an investment bank which builds relationships with the top female executives of the Fortune 1000.

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Patricia Lizarraga Named "2012 Woman of the Year" by Financial Executive International’s New York Chapter

Financial Executives International (FEI) New York Chapter has named Patricia Lizarraga "2012 Woman of the Year'...Ms. Lizarraga is the Managing Partner of Hypatia Capital Group, a boutique investment bank and private equity transaction sponsor focused on mergers & acquisitions, equity capital raising and merchant banking.

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Just the three of us
Sororities are sisterhoods, comprised of strong, leading women supporting each other in a still largely male-controlled world...'Until the CEOs and leadership positions in our country are 50-50, you're at a disadvantage," as one founder of Yale's Kappa Alpha Theta chapter, Patricia Lizaragga '88 said. 
Selected Research 
Supporting Diverse 
Gender Leadership

Research supports the investment thesis that diverse management teams outperform. Hypatia Capital has compiled supporting research, broadly categorized by:

1. Financial Performance 
2. Management Style Performance 
3. Biases That Impact Women's Performance 
1. Financial Performance 
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2. Management Style Performance

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3. Biases That Impact Women's Performance 
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