Advisory Services
Hypatia Capital provides mergers & acquisitions, corporate advisory and capital raising advisory services.  
We believe in dedicated client relationships and laser focus on value-creation opportunities.
We have established relationships with the top female executives, and we are aligned with their mission of increasing shareholder value.
We understand that success of corporations is a function of the ability of its executives to creatively and judiciously increase shareholder value by identifying and capitalizing on business opportunities. Our aim is to be partners in this value-creation process.
In the complex world of running and growing a business, you need the best partners for your investment banking needs: industry knowledge, relationships, and senior level experience.  Hypatia Capital provides you with our cutting-edge skill set, expertise, and mission critical advice.  With over 60 years of collective transaction experience, we bring our unique approach to your firm to maximize firm value to your shareholders. 
Strategic Relationships

Hypatia Capital builds relationships with people. We establish, nurture and maintain relationships with CEO level executives - and have built one of the largest CEO-level female networks in the world. Our mission is to provide strategic advisory services to those within our network. 

Senior Level Commitment

Hypatia Capital Advisors is committed to furthering the strategic goals and supporting our executives to reach the pinnacle of their careers by providing them with advice on how to maximize shareholder value.  We  work with our clients to identify the best strategic alternatives to further increase shareholder value of the companies they lead.